The Locations section is located under the Assets tab. These locations are used to identify buildings, floors, spaces, and zones. From this section you can view related equipment, attributes, historical activity, and any related issues, checklists, or tests.

Location information follows the COBie data format and can be imported from BIM models and exported back to BIM models using these spreadsheets. However, CxAlloy TQ does not require each project to strictly follow this method. All location information is optional.

To add a new location, click Add New in the location list. Enter the name of the location and select whether it is a building, floor, space, or zone. You can also enter a description of the location; however, it is not required. Click Add to create a new location.

You can add multiple location items to the selected location by clicking Manage under the appropriate header. For selected buildings, you can manage zones or floors. For selected floors or zones, you can manage spaces. For selected spaces, you can manage equipment.

After clicking Manage, select the appropriate location item from the left and click Add Selected. Click Save Connections to save your updates.

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