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Section Overview

There is a library of default checklist templates at the account level that are available for use in any of that account's projects. You can modify existing templates, create new templates, or import templates from this section. There is no limit to the number of templates you can have.

NOTE Above the search bar, you can click the blue checkbox on the left to select all or click the blank checkbox on the right to deselect all.


Viewing Checklist Templates

To view a checklist template, click on the checklist template row from the left sidebar.

NOTE Clicking the checkbox will select the checklist template, allowing you to perform batch functions, like Delete or PDF.


Editing Checklist Templates

Using the buttons on the template menu in the upper right you can duplicate, export, or generate a PDF of the template. By changing, removing, and adding lines and using the template menu and section menu, you can customize your template.

Template Menu — Duplicate a template, add or move checklist sections, take template actions like Rename or Delete, export the template, or generate a PDF of the template. You can also import lines by uploading an Excel (.xls, .xlsx) or CSV file to update or add lines to the template.
Section Menu — Delete, rename, reorder, import, or export the selected section. To lines in a section, click the checkbox beside one or more rows, then click the highlighted space between rows where you want to move the lines.
Row Editing Menu — Use this to edit the template by deleting and adding lines. Click the Edit button to change content, update formatting, or add attributes.


Editing Checklist Lines

To edit template lines, use the Edit, Delete, and Add Line buttons on the right side of each row.

NOTE Clicking the Edit button provides formatting options for bold, italics, indented lines, or headings.


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