List Functions

For most pages, the default view will be a list of items. There are several functions that can be associated with the lists, which include sorting, filtering, searching, and more. By default, the list view will only show the 25 most recent entries, but you may click the number located at the top right of the list to view additional entries.

To sort a list of items, click the category name or the arrows at the top of a list of items. This allows you to sort a list of items based on various choices. Clicking any already sorted column will reverse the sort direction.

It is also possible to sort more than one column by holding the Shift key and clicking another sorting column.

A search box is located under the section tabs, and can be used to search for specified items in a list.

The left hand column of a list page often times contains several filters that may be applied to the list of items. This allows you to search for something based on a category. Located next to every item is a checkbox. When viewing items in a list, it is possible to select multiple rows at once by clicking the check box for all items needed. This allows for the management of several items at once, whether it is editing, duplicating, deleting, or sometimes section-specific actions. To edit multiple items within a list, select the check boxes to the left of the items in the list.

A box will appear at the top with options to edit, duplicate, delete, and if applicable, section-specific actions will also appear. This includes system management on the equipment list page, and status management on the issue list page.

Clicking a button will perform the respective action to the selected items.

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