Item Permissions

CxAlloy provides multiple layers of permissions and controls to keep all project data secure, yet visible to the appropriate team members. Accounts can be configured to allow or deny access at the major section level or specific item level. This is managed through a combination of user permissions and item permissions.

User permissions are configured in the People section. This gives users edit, view, or management level access to major sections within CxAlloy. To learn about user permissions, see Adding People to a Project.

Item permissions are configured on each item. This allows users to be invited or added to the access list for additional privileges on this specific item.

To add a user to an item permission, Click Add in the Permissions section. Choose a person, company, or role to add to the item. Multiple entries can be added. You can notify them via email by clicking the notify checkbox at the bottom left. Click Share to save your update.

Item permissions are helpful when collaborating on draft reports or completing reviews as a team. You can give editor access to your group and collaborate uninhibitedly.

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