Version 4.14.2

August 2016

  • Changed exports to output Excel (.xlsx) files instead of .csv files
    • Chinese language characters and other characters that were previously lost on export are now maintained.
    • Checklist, test, and template exports now reflect line formatting (bold, italic, indentation, and header).
  • Updated and reset the initial tours of the software.
  • Updated template previews to skip header rows when numbering lines and to match our current styling.
  • Fixed a bug where statuses that should be available for a workflow were not available.
  • Fixed a bug where deleted systems would sometimes still be listed as related systems on a checklist or test.
  • Fixed a bug where batch exporting issues from a draft review or field observation would result in an empty file.
  • Fixed a bug where PDFing multiple account-level templates wouldn't work.
  • Fixed a bug where the Export button wouldn't always show up in archived projects.
  • Fixed a bug where checklists and tests connected to a deleted asset still showed the deleted asset's icon.
  • (Hopefully) Fixed a bug where too many scroll bars were showing when importing on a Microsoft Surface.
  • Bug fixes.

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