Version 4.16

March 2017

  • History Overhaul
    • Massive performance improvement for any area that shows history.
    • History sections now show all relevant history, including line history for checklists and tests.
    • PDF history now matches what is shown on the web.
    • More detail is now shown for some history items.
    • Added history to Meetings.
    • More filtering options for Project Activity.
    • Other improvements and fixes.
  • Issue Sources
    • Issues added from a checklist or test line will now show the text of the line.
    • Issues in general now show more detailed source information.
    • Issue PDFs now have a "Source" option to control whether source information should be shown.
  • Location Files
    • Files can now be uploaded to spaces, floors, zones, and buildings.
    • Location PDFs have been updated with the "Files" and "Photos" options.
  • Added more timezone choices for accounts and projects.
  • All search fields now support basic operators.
  • Updated all search fields to work the same way (press Enter after typing your search term).
  • All selection lists (such as the "Manage" window for a System's equipment) now work consistently and take fewer clicks.
  • Site speed has been improved in some circumstances by allowing multiple simultaneous requests.
  • Improved issue list performance.
  • Issue PDFs now have an "Asset Details" option to control whether related assets should be shown.
  • Updated all PDF page titles to use a new style previously only used in the Meetings PDF.
  • Added more sorting options to issues.
  • Added more sorting options to equipment.
  • Bug fixes.

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