Creating Checklists

You can create a new checklist from a blank form by clicking Add New on the Checklist page.

In the new window, complete the fields including asset or location, type, and checklist name. Click Add to create the checklist. A blank checklist will be created.

You can now add lines to the checklist and assign it to an individual to complete.  To add lines, click Add Section. Enter the section name and click Add.

The new section will be created, along with one default checklist line. Click Add Line at the end of the row to add multiple lines to the checklist section. Type your checklist lines and click Save or hit the Enter key to save your line information. Add additional sections using the same process.

NOTE The checklist default status is activated once a section is added. This status will not be shown until at least one section is added. All checklist statuses follow the status setup located in the project settings.

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