Version 4.18

July 2017

  • Attach files to checklist and test lines.
    • Add one or more files with the new "Add File" button.
    • If a line already has files attached the button will change to indicate the number of attached files. Click to see a list of files, and click a filename to scroll to it in the "Files" section.
    • In the "Files" section files will indicate what line they came from. Click to scroll to that line.
  • Copy meeting distribution lists between meetings.
  • Meeting files now indicate if they come from the meeting's Agenda or Minutes.
  • When printing a meeting to PDF, embedded files in a meeting's agenda or minutes now only show as links if the associated files are included in the PDF.
  • You can now use emoji! 🎉
    • Emoji will be monochrome (black and white) in PDFs.
    • Skin tone variations may not appear correctly in Excel exports.
  • Bug fixes.

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