List functions

The default view for most pages is a list of items. Several functions are associated with each list, including sorting, filtering, and searching. By default, the list view will only show the 25 most recent entries. To view the entire list click the "Show All" button at the bottom of the list. You have a variety of choices in sorting a list. To sort a list of items, click on a category header above a column in the list. Clicking on the header of a column that has already been sorted will reverse the sort direction. To sort by more than one column, hold the Shift key while selecting another category.

At the top of the left column under the section tabs is a search box. Simply enter your query to search for specific items in the list.

The left column of a page also typically contains several filters that may be applied to the list of items. This allows you to narrow the items displayed in a list based on certain categories. Selecting multiple filters within a category will filter on an "or" basis, meaning that items that match any of the selected filters will be shown. Filters selected from different categories will filter on an "and" basis. This means that items will only be displayed if they match one of the selected filters in each category. In the example below, results will display work orders of the type alteration or preventive that also have a status of open or confirmation needed. A work order with the type preventive that is closed will not be shown.

The only exception to this filtering method is in the equipment list section, where the systems category will filter on an “and” basis.

Next to each item in the list is a checkbox. Click on the rows of multiples items to select and manage them all at once. At the top of the list, a box containing different actions will appear. Buttons allowing you to "Edit," "Duplicate," and "Delete" items, and if applicable, section-specific actions, will be displayed. Section-specific actions include status management on the work order list page and systems management on the equipment list page.

Select a button to perform the action on the selected items.

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