The equipment section is accessible from the assets tab and is where all equipment can be found. Equipment are used in the creation of work orders and schedules.

Clicking on a specific piece of equipment in the list view will direct you to the detailed view of that piece of equipment.

There are several fields on the detail page of a piece of equipment. These include the equipment type, the model number, the associated discipline, the serial number, its location, the specification, the manufacturer, the startup date, maintenance contract, systems, warranty start and end dates, warranty notes, etc.

On the equipment detail page, you can connect multiple documents to a single piece of equipment.

Equipment can have one or more systems associated with them. These allow you to better categorize your equipment into groups and help serve the purpose of identification. To learn how to manage systems, please see Managing systems in Assets.

Editing a piece of equipment in the detailed view rather than the list view provides additional options, such as changing the name of the equipment.

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