Version 2.1.3

June 17, 2019


  • added logic to create default schedules and procedures during TQ import
  • added "type" column to Work Order subsections in Work Request, Equipment, and Location Detail Views
  • added "type" column to Work Request List View
  • added batch delete to Asset views: Equipment Types, Systems, Buildings, and Floors
  • added legend to highcharts in Reports


  • styled pagination popover to distinguish disabled/current page from the rest of the pages
  • updated layout of Work Order Summary in Reports
  • adjusted positioning of cancel and save buttons
  • made general visual improvements


  • fixed issue with TQ integration not setting product details in account record
  • fixed issue with Tools not saving when manufacturer is not selected, in detail view
  • fixed issue with images breaking out of their containers in Document list
  • fixed issue with filters not maintaining in sidebar when navigating between list and detail view
  • fixed issue with broken asset link when no asset is selected in add new change tracking
  • fixed issue with add new account person button disappearing after modal closes in Facility Person List View

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