What should I do if my account payment is delinquent?

When a payment fails, it is considered a delinquent transaction. The account is then flagged for delinquency, which can lead to account deactivation if the dispute is not resolved. Failed payments are usually the result of a bank not honoring a transaction, and can often be cleared up by calling the bank to pre-approve of CxAlloy. The following banner will appear at the top of the page while navigating a delinquent account:

A similar warning will appear on the account's Billing page. Updating the credit card on the account will automatically re-run any delinquent transactions on the new card. If the new transactions are successful, then the delinquent status will be removed. To update the card on file, press the Update Card button that appears on the right hand side.

NOTE When updating the account's card on file, the existing card can be re-entered, and the delinquent transactions will be re-ran on the existing card.

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