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CxAlloy TQ integration with Box provides users with a simple way to share files from their personal Box library directly to their project. When Box integration is enabled, your project's Files section will be replaced by the Box folder that you choose. Project participants that do not have access to Box or this project's Box folder can still upload project files to a special "Inbox". 


Enabling Box

Any account administrator can enable Box on a project. 

 To enable Box, go to Project > Settings

 Select Box Integration from the menu and click Enable Box

 Once enabled, click on Connect to Box button to connect your project to Box 


Setting Up Box

 After Box is enabled, click on the Enable Box button to choose the Box folder you want to connect to. 

You can add individuals to receive notification when files are uploaded to Inbox or requesting access. 


Accessing Files 

Whenever a user access the Project Files section, they have the option to interface directly with Box or they can use the Inbox. All existing files and folders are moved into the Inbox. The Inbox functions the same as Project Files section normally would, except that you can move files into Box. 


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