Uploading Files

To upload a new file, click Add New. A new window will appear to allow file uploading. You can drag images from your computer or choose them from a file select box. CxAlloy supports uploading a variety of file types, including most documents, images, movies and text files.

NOTE There is a 1 gigabyte size limit per file.

To use the document drag-and-drop feature, select a file on your computer. Next, drag the file over the new window. Release the file, and the file upload will begin.

To use the traditional file upload method, click inside the dashed document window to see the file select window. Select the file from your computer and click Open.

NOTE There is no file versioning, so uploading a document with the same name as another document will result in two identically named documents. This will not cause a problem for the system, but may cause confusion for the user since it will be hard to differentiate the two documents.

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