Resolving Sync Errors

On the project screen, each project contains an indicator for the last time it synced successfully. On the rare occaision that the app is having difficulty syncing, the app does its best to resolve sync errors, but there may be situations where it is unable to.

The app attempts to sync with the server automatically while syncing is turned on in Settings. You can also manually initiate a sync attempt with the server at any time by going to Settings in the app. If, after pressing "Sync Now" button in Settings, you are presented with a "Sync Error" message at the top of the screen, then the app was unable to sync with the server.

If two sync attempts fail in a row either from an automatic or manual sync, the app will show a "Contact Support" button on the project screen and the project that was unable to sync will show a warning icon.

Pressing the "Contact Support" button that appears on the project screen or pressing the "Contact Support" button any time in Settings will send an email with diagnostics to where we will take a look at your app's log records to determine the sync issue. Contacting support via the app requires an email address to be set up on the iOS device. If you don't have an email address set up, you can upload a data export via Settings->Support and inform CxAlloy Support that you have exported the data for them to examine.

The app is very cautious with syncing and will only mark data as sent to the server after it has received a confirmation from the server for each individual record sent. Resetting the app's data or deleting the app from the device while there is unsynced data will result in the loss of that data.

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