Work request setup

Work request setup allows you to to enable the creation of new requests via email or a public request page. To enable requests via email you must provide an email address along with the URL and login information for the email account. The system will then automatically retrieve emails sent to that address and convert them into work requests.

To enable the creation of new requests via a public page, you must provide a "facility shortcode." This is a memorable, short word that will be used in the URL of your public request page. For example, if your facility shortcode were "widgets," the URL of your public request page would be request/widgets . If you do not want a public request page, leave this field blank.

If you would like your support personnel to receive a notification whenever important work request activities occur (such as the arrival of a new work request), provide an email address in the "Request Notifications Email" field.

For more information on work requests, see Work requests in Maintenance.

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