Work requests

The work requests page is where all work requests can be found. Work requests can be sent in by email or from a public request page in addition to creation from the work requests page. Like work orders, work requests have statuses and can be accepted, connected to work orders and then marked as complete, or they can be closed.

Clicking on a specific work request will direct you to the detailed view of the procedure.

On a work request detail page, you can view the name, email, and phone number of the requester, the status of the request, and other information about the request, such as its type, location, or request date. If the request has been accepted, closed, or completed, you will also be able to view the the reviewer and the date the request was reviewed. A description of the request is also shown in addition to the work orders section, which will show any work orders created from or connected to the request, and a section for comments pertaining to the request.

Editing a request will bring you to a page where you can modify the request title, location, requester name and contact information, the request type, and the request description. You can also delete or create a PDF of a request by selecting the appropriate buttons located at the top of the detail page.

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