Tracking status changes

There are several statuses associated with a change during the change process. These are Unapproved, Approved, Denied, Completed, and Reverted.

Unapproved: This is the status of a newly requested change. At this point, it is waiting for approval or denial from an administrator.

Approved: The change is approved and will be made when requested. It can then be set as complete once finished.

Denied: The request is denied and then disabled, and must be re-approved before completing any further changes.

Completed: Any change that has been completed. This also prevents further changes by disabling the ability to edit.

Reverted: For temporary changes, a revert date is set so that when the change will revert back to its original setting, the status can be set as Reverted to indicate that the temporary change is complete and no longer in effect.

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