Maintenance work order statuses

The typical flow of a work order begins with an open work order assigned to a user. When the user has completed the work order, he marks it as "Confirmation Needed." Once the work order has been confirmed, a higher-level user can mark it as "Completed" to conclude the work order.

By default, the status button will display the next status in turn for the work order, but by clicking on the arrow to the right, you can set the status to any of the work order statuses. Work order statuses can be access controlled.

Clicking the desired status will set the work order with the selected status. You may also click the button to advance the work order to the next in turn status.

The ability to change the status of an incomplete work order is available; however, once a work order is completed, it is locked and can no longer be checked in the list view. A completed work order can only be unlocked to an earlier status by an administrator.

Work order statuses may also be set available from the work order list view (see List functions in Basics).

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