Work order procedures

The steps required to fulfill a work order can be found in the procedure section of the work order's detail page.

When you create a work order, you can select a procedure to attach to the work order. To do so, choose a procedure from the procedure dropdown.

To replace a procedure, select the "Replace Procedure" button.

A dropdown menu with a list of existing procedures (see Procedures in Maintenance) will appear. Select the procedure that you wish to use and then press "Replace."

Upon click, a confirmation message will be displayed. Click "Replace" to proceed, or "Cancel" to end the process.

If you continue, the new procedure will now replace the previous one. Tools, materials, and estimated labor for the procedure will also be replaced. The procedure subsection will automatically refresh to show the changes.

To mark a step in a procedure as complete, click the check mark next to the step.

To add a note or comment to a procedure, select the "Note" button to the right of the applicable step.

A box will appear, allowing the user to enter a note regarding the selected step. Press the "Save" button to the right of the text area to add the note. To edit an existing note in a step of a procedure, click the "Note" button of the selected step. A box will appear with the previous note, allowing the user to edit or erase it.

When you are finished making changes to the note, press "Save."

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