Work orders

By default, the work orders tab displays all work orders in list view. Work orders are used for tracking the progress of actual work in the facility. A work order is connected to either a piece of equipment or a location. Work orders can be assigned to a specific user and can also be marked with a status, such as Open or Complete, to indicate the progress made on the work order.

Clicking on a specific work order will direct you to the detailed view of the work order.

There are several fields in a work order's detail page. These include the work order number, project number, status, cost code/project phase, assigned to, type, error code, equipment or location connected to, shutdown requirement, priority, due date, summary of performed work, estimated and actual downtime and labor hours, the dates the work order was created and last modified, who created and who last modified the work order, work order history for tracking, the procedure attached to the work order, and any documents uploaded or associated to the work order.

Editing a work order in the detail view rather than the list view provides the additional options of changing the name of the work order and the equipment or location to which it is assigned.

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