The schedules section allows you to automate the creation of work orders. Each schedule has an associated procedure and equipment or location. When the time comes for the schedule to generate a work order, it will create one using the specified procedure and connect it to the specified equipment or location.

Each schedule contains fields for procedure, equipment or location, start date, work order generation, assignment, type, priority, project number, and cost code/project phase. It also allows you to select the repetition of the scheduled work order by day, week, month, year, or upon completion.

Schedules are identified by the procedure and equipment or location associated with them. To view or edit an existing schedule, click on the procedure name (not the the row) to expand the schedule details.

The "Create Now" button will generate a scheduled work order on instant with the settings preset in the schedule.

The schedules section does not allow batch editing of schedules.

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