Work order performed

Details of the work performed for a work order can be recorded in the performed section of the work order's detail page.

To add or edit the summary of work performed, downtime, materials, and tools, click "Edit" at the top right of the section header.

These sections can be edited to reflect the actual work performed. In the summary, you can enter a synopsis of the work done to carry out the work order. The downtime field is a numeric value that shows the length of time the system was down.

Tools and materials will both display a list of all items from the tools and inventory sections of the facility, respectively. If no list is shown, then there may be no items in that section of the facility. Check the box to the left of the tool or material that was used to complete the work order. For materials, enter the quantity used in the field located to the right of the material name. The default value for each material is 1, but unless a material has been checked, it will not be counted in the materials list. Clicking the "Save" button at the top will save all changes made to these sections.

To add the labor performed, select a person from the list, enter his labor hours, and then press "Add Labor" to save. The person's name, title, labors hours, and the date the labor was performed will be displayed in the new row. Administrators will also be able to see hourly rates and total costs for each labor entry.

To delete labor performed, check the box at the left of an entry and click "Delete" from the resulting action menu.

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