Creating a work request

There are three ways to create a work request.

The first is to send an email to the request email (defined in Facility settings in Facility). Information such as the requester name and email and the request description will be extracted from the email and included in a new work request that can be found on the work requests page.

Work requests can also be sent in from a public requests page located at[facility code] (where the facility code is defined in Facility settings in Facility). Enter the relevant information for the request then press "Submit."

Finally, you can create a work request from the work request page by selecting "Add New" in the top right corner and entering the appropriate information and then pressing "Save."

When a request has been received and added to the work requests list, an email will be sent to the requester email and the request notifications email (defined in Facility settings in Facility), notifying them and providing a link to view the request.

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