Test View

Edit Test — Press this button to open the Edit Test menu. See  Edit Test for more details.
Test Information — This area displays information about the currently selected test, including its name, a breakdown of progress by percentage, Asset, Assign To, and Estimated Time until completion. Pressing the Edit Test button will allow you to make changes to this information.
Attempts — This area shows the test's attempts. Select an attempt to view it in detail.
Add Attempt Button — Press the "➕ " button to open the Add Attempt menu and create a new test attempt.
Issues — This line shows the test's related issues. Select this line to view these issues in detail.
Files — This line shows the test's attached files. Select this line to view these files in detail.
Assign To Button — Press this button to choose a person, role, or company to assign this test to.

NOTE Depending on your permissions, some of these options may not be available. 

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