Equipment List View

The equipment section is where all of your equipment can be seen. It can be accessed from the Assets tab.

Group Information — This area shows test, checklist, and issue status totals for all of the equipment in the group.
Item Information — This area shows test, checklist, and issue status totals for all of the items directly tied to the piece of equipment.
NOTE You can hover over a progress bar to see the totals for each status.
NOTE Summary information does not include indirectly associated assets, e.g. an issue whose asset is tied to an equipment type, system, or location that includes the equipment won't be counted.


Equipment Detail View

The equipment detail page contains several fields for tracking. These include the equipment type, space, discipline, and related systems. In addition, each equipment item has a list of customizable, user-defined attributes. Some pre-defined attributes include manufacturer, model, serial number, and bar code. 

Equipment can have one or more systems associated with it. These allow you to better categorize your equipment into groups and help serve the purpose of identification. To learn how to manage systems, please see Managing Systems.

Editing equipment in their specific page gives the extra option to change the equipment name, as compared to editing in the list view.

Each equipment item has the option of assigning a status. The statuses are configured in the project settings. The equipment statuses can be used to track delivery, installation, and startup of all equipment.


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