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Field observations provide a way for users to document both observations and comments from the onsite construction activities. These may be used by various project roles, such as architects, engineers and other consultants. Each report contains a description of the observation, general comments, and observed issues. To access all field observations, click Field Observations, located under the Report tab.


Creating a Field Observation

You can create a new field observation by clicking Add New on the Field Observations page. In the new window, complete the observation fields including description, date, and location. Click Add to create the report. A field observation report with no issues will be created with Draft status.

Adding Issues to a Field Observation

To add issues to the report, click Add Issue. A new issue window will appear with various fields to complete. Enter the issue information into the text boxes and click Save to create the new issue. Repeat this process to add additional issues to the report.

Adding Comments to a Field Observation

To add general comments to the report, click Comments to expand that section. Enter your comment into the blank field and click Add Comment. To add a picture to the comment, drag a picture file over the comment and release it. Your picture will be added to the specific comment.

When you are finished with the report, click Publish. This will change the status to Published and will allow other team members to see your report.

Reordering Comments

Comments can be reordered with the tribar button.



Resolving Issues from a Field Observation

All issues in a published Field Observation are located in both the report itself and in the Construction Issues section. Issues can be managed from either location.

To respond and close an issue from a report, simply click the report from the list and navigate to the specific issue.


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