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Tasks Overview

You can create and manage tasks to track smaller items that do not require the full functionality of issues. Similar to issues, you can assign tasks or set a due date, but, unlike issues, tasks only have two statuses — Done or Not Done.


Accessing Tasks

To access the Tasks section, click Tasks from the main menu of a project.


Tasks List

In the Tasks section, your search, sorts, and filters are located in the left sidebar. Clicking on a task in the list opens the detailed view in a panel to the right. In the detail panel, you can make changes or add comments to the task.

You can also add a task to your watch list by clicking on the watch icon to the right of the task.

You can locate a particular task using the search box in the left sidebar. Type in a name, a keyword, or a task number in the search field and press Enter.

Sorting the List

To sort tasks, click the category name you would like to use. Click the applied sort category once again to reverse the sort direction.

To apply a secondary sort, hold the Shift key while clicking another sort category. To reverse this secondary sort direction, click again while holding Shift.

You can sort tasks by date identified, number, status, assignment, or due date.

Filtering the List

You can refine the task list using any filter or combination of filters. Once you perform a search or apply a filter, the Clear Filters button appears at the top right of the page. Clicking this removes all searches and filters but does not remove the applied sorts.

NOTE Active sorts and filters are applied to email links you create or PDFs you generate. These remain active until you clear the filters.

Batching Tasks

You can select multiple tasks using the checkboxes found on the left of each task item or by clicking the Select All buttons. When you make a selection, the batch actions menu appears in a grey bar at the top of the list. From this menu, you can edit, delete, export, assign, change status of, and create PDF reports of the selected tasks.


Creating a Task

To create a new task, click the Add New button in the blue page header.

In the Add Task window, you must include a task description. You can also assign the task or add a due date. Click Save and Add Another to continue adding tasks or Save and Close if you are done.


Viewing a Task

The task list shows a compact view of each task. Click on a task item to open a detail panel, similar to the detailed views found in other sections.

In the task panel, you can view the details and history of a task; assign, edit, and update a task; add comments to a task; or delete a task.

You can assign, edit, or delete a task from the actions menu located at the top of the detail panel.

To learn more about specific task actions, see Task Actions.

The details of a task are found below the task actions. These include the task number, task source, assignee, due date, and task description. Each task must include a description.

Tasks also include components for History and Comments. You can view these components, make changes, and add comments in the task panel.

To learn more about each component, see Task Components.

Exit the detail panel by clicking on the × icon at the top left of the panel or Close at the bottom left.

Alternatively, you can click outside of the panel to close the task or click on another task to load a new one in its place.


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