Profile Page


The top of the profile page shows the user's current contact information and includes options for updating the email or password, or to edit any other contact information. Resetting the product tour re-enables first view tooltips.


The bottom of the profile page includes notification settings and an activity feed. Automated notifications fall under two types, item activity and project daily digests. Click an option to enable/disable it.

  • Item activity notifications can have a frequency of Immediately, Once a day, or Twice a day.
    • Trackable items come in three types: items a user has explicitly watched, items a user has been assigned, or items a user has created.
    • Activity is further broken down into four discrete actions: reassignment, direct edits, status changes, and comments.
  • Daily digests are a daily summary of all activity in the sections a user has the permissions to view for a given project.
  • Activity feed - a dedicated history of the user's own activity.


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