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What is the report generator?

The report generator is one of CxAlloy TQ's most powerful tools, allowing users to build comprehensive reports by combining content across the different sections of a project.


Where is the report generator located?

Open the project you want to generate a report for, then expand the Reports dropdown from the navbar and select Report Generator.


How do I configure a report?

The report generator allows users to build and save multiple report configurations. The list of reports is shown on the left, and the section content of the selected report is displayed on the right. The graphic below shows one configuration named Default Report that is currently empty. To create a new configuration, press the Add New button towards the top right.

Reports are built by adding sections for the content that you want to include. To add a new section to the currently selected configuration, press the Add New Section button in the action bar, then expand the dropdown and select the type of section that you want to add to the report.

Sections can be removed or edited by pressing the Delete or Options buttons on the right hand side, respectively. To reorder sections, click on the hamburger icon to the left, then drag and drop sections as needed.

Once the report is configured as desired, press the Run Report button to generate the report.

NOTE Once you have pressed the Run Report button, this process will continue to run on our servers. You may leave the page or close your browser entirely and the report will continue running. Completed reports can be viewed and downloaded by pressing the Previously Generated Reports button.


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