Changes to Existing Projects in Upgraded Accounts

When an account is upgraded existing projects will see some minor changes to how they operate. The details on these changes are described in this article.

For more information on upgrading an account, read our Checklist Upgrade Guide.

After you upgrade your account, account checklist templates will not have sections. In order to accommodate this change in non-upgraded projects that still have checklist sections, three changes will be made to existing functionality:

  • Non-upgraded projects will no longer be able to select an account template when batching. Only project templates will be available.
  • The "Copy from Account" function will work differently. Rather than selecting a single template to copy into the project, you will be able to select multiple account templates. A single project template will be created, with each account template you selected added as a section.
  • The "Copy to Account" function will not be available.

These changes are designed to allow you to leverage your account templates in non-upgraded projects.


Previously you would select the "Air Handling Unit" account template during the "Batch Add" process.

After upgrading you will create an "Air Handling Unit" template in the project through the "Copy from Account" function. You will then select that project template during the "Batch Add" process.


Previously you would copy in account template "Air Handling Unit" with its three sections "Mechanical", "Electrical", and "Controls" by clicking "Copy from Account" and then selecting the template.

After your account is upgraded that account template will be converted into three separate templates:

  • "Air Handling Unit - Mechanical"
  • "Air Handling Unit - Electrical"
  • "Air Handling Unit - Controls".

To get the equivalent result in a non-upgraded project you will click "Copy from Account" and select each of the three templates, then click "Copy". A single project-level template will be created with three sections, "Air Handling Unit - Mechanical", "Air Handling Unit - Electrical", and "Air Handling Unit - Controls".


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