Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a new project?

Click Create Project in the Projects section of your account, enter a name for the project, and enter additional details as needed. You'll be taken to the new project, where you can customize the project a little more or immediately start documenting issues. Only account administrators can create new projects.

What is a project?

A project can be anything that you or your team works on related to the built environment. This may be a building, a campus, or even a set of documents. Each project can be broken down into smaller groups of location or asset elements. CxAlloy TQ is engineered primarily for building design and construction processes, but it’s commonly used for other purposes. For example, some use projects to manage energy audits, condition assessments, or even air quality investigations.

How much file storage do I get with my plan?

Each project has unlimited file storage, but individual files cannot exceed 1 GB.

How do I change my preference for how I receive notifications?

You can edit your preferences for how often you receive emails from CxAlloy TQ, and which types of alerts you'd like to receive. Simply go to your profile page by clicking in the top bar next to your email address. In the right column put a checkmark beside each project for which you want a daily digest email. To be notified of items you are watching, items assigned to you and items you created two conditions must exist: 1) In the left column of your profile page, check the items for which you want to receive notifications. 2) You must have something in the project to be notified of: checkmark something you want to watch, be assigned something, or have created an item. The settings on your profile page under notifications allows you to select the frequency with which you want to receive these notifications.

What browsers do you support?

We support the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

What should I do if my account payment is delinquent?

When a payment fails, it is considered a delinquent transaction. The account is then flagged for delinquency, which can lead to account deactivation if the dispute is not resolved. Failed payments are usually the result of a bank not honoring a transaction, and can often be cleared up by calling the bank to pre-approve of CxAlloy. The following banner will appear at the top of the page while navigating a delinquent account:

A similar warning will appear on the account's Billing page. Updating the credit card on the account will automatically re-run any delinquent transactions on the new card. If the new transactions are successful, then the delinquent status will be removed. To update the card on file, press the Update Card button that appears on the right hand side.

When updating the account's card on file, the existing card can be re-entered, and the delinquent transactions will be re-ran on the existing card.

I want to resend an invitation but do not see the "resend invitation" link by this user's name. How can I resend an invitation?

Invitations can only be resent while the invitation is "Pending". If the "Pending" status no longer appears by a user's name, then they already have an existing CxAlloy profile or they have already accepted the invitation. If an invited user does not remember the password entered during the profile setup process, they will need to reset it.

How can I learn about new features?

We post updates on our blog, on our LinkedIn page, and all recent features can be found in the Release Notes section.

Where do I import issues?

Issues are not imported directly into the construction or design issues logs. Instead, they are imported into a Review, Field Observation, Checklist, or Test. You can find the “Import” button next to the “Add Issues” button in the “Issues” subsection of a Review, Field Observation, Checklist, or Test.

How can I reset my password?

You can reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot your password?" button on the CxAlloy login page ( This will take you to the password recovery page (, where you will be prompted to enter your profile's email address. A password recovery email will be sent to you.

Can other members of my company access account details?

Yes. Although each company account starts with a single user account, you can add others to it. You can assign others to be account administrators so that they can manage billing and other account options.

Is it okay to have multiple CxAlloy projects for the same user account?

CxAlloy is designed for multiple projects per account. Each CxAlloy account can have an unlimited number of projects with unlimited users and unlimited cloud storage. Having all projects on one software under one account makes it easy to manage your projects and people. Each user has only one CxAlloy username and password for an account. All of that user's projects under that account will be on the user's CxAlloy home page. CxAlloy makes it easy to keep track of all details, issues, tasks, documents and contacts in all projects easily and efficiently under one roof.

What support do you provide?

We provide support in many ways, including our extensive help documentation, FAQs, video tutorials, and downloadable guides. In addition, we offer email support at We strive to be responsive and address all inquiries within 24 hours. Although we do not publish any support phone numbers, we often follow up via phone as we find it aids in faster resolution of issues.

How can I share my ideas?

We'd love to hear your feedback and ideas for improvement. If you have a question or problem that is not already addressed in the User Manual or other help materials, please let us know. You can also file feature requests at and send bug reports to

I am an administrator and I sent a user an invitation to a project. The "invited" label is no longer by the user name. Can I resend the invitation?

You do not need to resend the invitation. Once enrolled in any project for your account, the user is in CxAlloy. When the user accepts the email invitation to a new project, that project is added to the user's CxAlloy home page. The user is enrolled in the project.

Can I get my data out of CxAlloy?

Yes. You can export your data at any time by going to any section and clicking "Export". In addition, we will soon have the ability to export all project data at once.

Can I add file attachments to issues?

Attachments can be added to almost anything: issues, checklists, tests, or assets. You can upload them directly to an item or generically in the Files section. You can upload any number of files, but the size of each file must be 100 megabytes or less.

The user lost or deleted the email invitation. What can I do?

Click the "resend invitation" button on the right side of the user name's row.

I signed up or was invited to a project, but did not get an email invitation - why not?

If emails from us aren't in your SPAM folder, it is possible we received bounce-backs from your email system. This could be due to a typo in the email address or a problem with your email account. As well as checking with your email administrator it can help to add as an allowable sender and/or contact to help with receiving emails in the future. Also, if you contact us at, we can resend your invitation.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

I added someone with an incorrect email address. What do I do?

You'll need to remove the incorrect record and add the person again with the correct email address. In the People section, find the person with the incorrect email address. Click "Delete" from the available actions. Then add the user again using the correct email address.

How do I change project settings, such as statuses and permissions?

Only project administrators can change project settings. You can access the settings page from within a project by choosing the Settings option in the Project submenu.

How do I import a checklist or test?

You don’t actually import a checklist or test, you import checklist or test lines. That means you must first create the checklist or test before you can import the lines.

Do you offer refunds?

No; because we bill month to month and you can cancel at any time, we do not offer refunds.

How do I help ensure that email notifications are delivered to my inbox?

CxAlloy TQ sends e-mails from Add this addresses to your allowed contacts or indicate that the sender is not spam.

Is CxAlloy TQ PCI compliant?

Yes. We use a PCI compliant payment service, Stripe, to handle all credit card transactions. Credit card data never touches our servers. To learn more about Stripe, visit

I am an administrator and I sent a user an invitation to CxAlloy. There is no "invited" label by the user name and the user cannot access the project.

The user never set up the user account. Have the user go to the CxAlloy login page and click the lost password link to reset password. The user will then receive an email that allows login and select password.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Visit your account billing page and click "Cancel My Account" to cancel. You must cancel your own account, as you need your password to complete this process (since data will be completely deleted and is not recoverable). We cannot cancel your account for you for security reasons. Subscription accounts with no active projects are ignored for billing purposes.

Can data be imported?

Yes. You can use CSV, XLS, or XLSX files to import assets and location data. Users with creation access to checklists or tests can also import procedure lines. These can be imported directly to the active checklists or tests or to the templates.

Can I pay without a credit card?

Yes. We have several options available for payment besides credit card. Please contact us at for more information.

How does the free trial work?

We offer a 30-day free trial. The trial limits you to one project but does not limit you in any other way. At any point during the trial you can convert over to a paying account by providing your credit card information. Once you provide your credit card information, you will be immediately billed for one project prorated to the end of the month. If you choose to not sign up, your trial will automatically expire after 30 days and you will not be charged. We keep any data you created during the trial for a short period after the trial expires, in case you choose to sign up soon after your trial expiration date and want to keep your trial data.

How can I export data from my project?

You can export your data quite easily. Click Export from any list page to export the current list. This will download your project data to a comma delimited text file. The first row in the exported CSV file contains column headers.

Am I charged for archived projects?

No. We do not charge for archived projects; however, archived projects are "view only". In order to modify data in an archived project you must make it active again, at which point you will be charged a prorated amount for remainder of the month.

What is CxAlloy TQ?

CxAlloy TQ is a collaborative project management tool for enhancing quality and compliance. It encourages collaboration and streamlines traditional communication methods to help deliver design and construction projects better, faster, and cheaper. It provides tracking and reporting for oversight, project management and stakeholders.

Where are the files actually stored?

The attachments are stored securely on the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) service. The CxAlloy Privacy Policy still applies.

Do you charge per user?

No. We think that charging per user reduces the value of collaborative software. All accounts come with unlimited users.

How do I archive a project, and what does that mean?

If you are an account administrator, you can archive projects from the account's Projects page. 

Alternatively, a project can also be archived from its Settings page. 

An archived project becomes a view-only project. You are not charged for archived projects. None of the project data is lost, and the project can be reactivated at any time.

Why can't I create an issue when I'm on the issues page?

Issues cannot exist on their own and must be created from a checklist, test, field observation or review. The issues page under main menu/issues is a log that just pulls in issues from all other places where they originate to display them in a list and allow you to generate reports of issues. It is one directional only. If you need to add an issue, create it where you observed it. If you saw it, create an observation. If you tried to do something and could not, put it under task. If there is something wrong with equipment, put it under that asset.

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