Progress Reports

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Progress reports track the creation of new items and the closing of items with statuses. Each report contains a description, report date, and a report period. Progress reports are accessible via the Reports dropdown in the project navbar.


Select and deselect all buttons are located to the top left and sorts to the top right, above the search bar and filtered list item cards. Click the checkbox to the left of an item in the list to toggle selection for batch actions. Click anywhere else in the item card to open its detail view.

Batch Actions

Select multiple items to display the batch action bar. The only available batch action for progress reports is delete.


The progress report detail view includes an action bar, the item's description, report date, report period and author, and subsections for activity, files, and history.

Activity Subsections

The activity subsections are editable text fields that can used for tracking action items.

Details Subsection

The details subsection summarizes completion and creation of items from sections included in the item's PDF settings. Click a category to expand the list of relevant items.
The expanded list contains basic information for each item, including a link to its detail page, its status, and a shortcut to that section's list view with the relevant filters applied.

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