You can open the Settings menu by pushing Settings in the bottom right of the My Projects page or from the bottom of the Project Menu Bar.

Available Settings

Project Menu Bar Button

When opening your settings from within a project, the menu bar button will be visible. Press this button to open the project menu bar. See Project Menu Bar for more details.

Automatic Syncing

You can toggle Automatic Syncing on and off. When Automatic Syncing is on, your device will periodically attempt to sync until a connection becomes available.

Sync Interval

The Sync Interval determines how long the device waits between automatic sync attempts. The available intervals are 30 seconds, 1 Minute, 5 Minutes, 10 Minutes, and 40 Minutes.

Sync Now

Pressing Sync Now will attempt a sync immediately.


Pressing Support will take you to the Support menu. From here you can Email Support, Export App Data, and Reset Local Data.

  • Email Support
    If you are experiencing problems with the app, pressing Email Support will open an e-mail for you to file a ticket. Your app's diagnostics will be automatically included, providing us with log files that will help determine the source of the issue. To expedite the resolution of your ticket, describe the the problem in as much detail as possible. You can save your e-mail as a draft if you would like to edit it later before sending
  • Export App Data
    Sometimes a ticket may require that send in an export of your app data. Pressing Export App Data will create a zip file that support can use to diagnose a problem or upload unsynced changes. Exported zip files are often too large to send via e-mail, but you can press the "Upload to CxAlloy" option to send it directly to support.
  • Reset Local Data
    Resetting your local data will remove all user data from the device. If you file a ticket with support, fixing the problem may require resetting local data. However, resetting your local data will remove all user data from the device, including any unsynced changes. Do not use this unless you are certain you do not have data that requires syncing or you have been instructed to do so by support.
Open Source Libraries

This page lists the open source libraries used by the app, and the licenses describing their terms of use.

Log Out

Pressing Log Out will log you out of the app and return you to the log in screen. This will not effect your local data, but the app cannot sync until you have signed back in.

Version Number

This area displays what version of CxAlloy you have installed.

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