iOS App Overview

CxAlloy TQ helps manage commissioning work for design and construction projects, recommissioning, and retrocommissioning. It provides collaborative issue management, asset tracking, and quality verification through checklists and tests. The iOS app, CxAlloy TQ, allows offline use of CxAlloy TQ while in the field.

App Features

  • Offline - the entire app is built around the concept of offline use
  • Download multiple projects
  • Automatic sync
  • Create field observations and issues
  • Complete checklists
  • Complete tests
  • Update equipment
  • Update issues
  • Download and view checklist, test, issue, and equipment files
  • Add photos to issues, checklists, test, and equipment

Supported Devices

iPad and iPhone users can download CxAlloy TQ from the Apple App Store. This is a native app and any iOS device that can run iOS 15 or higher is supported. To see which Apple devices are supported, please see Apple's support documentation for iPhone and iPad.

If you are unsure which device you have, you can use these identification guides for iPad and iPhone.

If your device is on the supported list, but you don't have iOS 15 or higher, you should upgrade your iOS version.

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