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The Account People section is a directory of all people and companies in the account; if a new entry is created at the project level, it is automatically added to the people list at the account level. There is no limit the number of accounts or projects to which a user can be added.

The page consists of a header at the top, the sidebar list on the left, and the detail view on the right.

  • Header - this part of the page includes buttons for adding new people or companies, and for exporting the list.

  • List - shows the list of currently filtered results, with a Select/Deselect All toggle, a dropdown of applicable filters, and a searchbar; click the checkbox to the left of a list entry to select/deselect it, and click the entry itself to pull up its detail view.

  • Detail - shows the detail lookup of the currently selected entry. For people, this includes their contact information, and subsections for any activity, a list of the projects they've been added to, and any users they've invited to the account. 

  • Batch - If multiple entries are selected, a batch action bar will appear instead, allowing the user to take action on multiple items at once.


The "Invited" label will be displayed beside a user’s name until the invitation is accepted.

Resending an Invitation

If a user cannot find their email invitation, click the Resend Invitation button to the top right of the user's project lookup.

NOTE If a user fails to receive an email after resending the email, contact

Editing User Details

Account admins can edit a user's company name, phone number, or admin status from the account's People list. Admins can access and manage any project within the company account, and can view and edit all sections of the account with the exception of billing; only the account owner can access the billing section.

NOTE An administrator can only change another person's name while their invitation is pending. Once a user has accepted the invite, only that individual can change their name and email.


Adding Users to Multiple Projects

From the account level, users can be added to multiple projects simultaneously. To use this feature, press the add button under the Projects subsection of a person's account level lookup.

When batch adding a user to multiple projects, select the projects from the list on the left, then choose the Permission Preset to apply to each project on the right.


NOTE CxAlloy TQ only sends a single email to the user when added to multiple projects this way. To avoid notifying a user at all, uncheck the option at the bottom left of the window.


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