List Functions

For most sections, the default view will be a list of items. Common list functionality includes sorting, filtering, and searching. By default, the list view only displays 25 entries at a time. Click the number located to the top right of the list to change the number of items shown per page.

To sort a list of items, selected the desired sorting criteria from the Sort By list to the top right of the section header. Clicking any already sorted column will reverse the sort direction.

It is also possible to sort more than one column by holding the Shift key and clicking another sorting column.

A search box is located under the section tabs, and can be used to search for specified items in the list.

The sidebar also includes any applicable filters for the section being viewed.

NOTE Selecting multiple filters within the same category filters the list as an OR, e.g. items with status "Open" OR "Closed".
Criteria from across different categories filters the list as an AND, e.g. items with status "Open" AND discipline "Mechanical".
Combining the filters from the previous two examples would yield a list of items tied to the "Mechanical" discipline AND (with a status of "Open" OR with a status of "Closed").

Located next to every item is a checkbox. When viewing items in a list, it is possible to select multiple rows at once by clicking the check box for all of the desired items.

A batch action bar will appear at the top of the list showing applicable actions for the selected items.

Clicking a button will perform the respective action to the selected items. The available actions vary from section to section, and some actions may have a unique interface based on the nature of the edits being made.

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