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Batch Answer Overview

Batch Answer allows users to work with multiple checklist or test lines simultaneously, saving time and maintaining data integrity of individual records without the overhead of filling out each record separately.

Common uses of Batch Answer include checklist or tests for VAVs, lighting controls, and other high-volume equipment.


How to Batch Answer

Use the “Batch Answerable” sort on the list of checklists or tests to identify which records can be batch answered.

Tap “Select” to enter selection mode and tap the batch-answerable records you want to batch answer. After selecting records, tap “Answer” to show the batch answer interface for the records you’ve selected.



  • Batch Answer is available on upgraded projects. To upgrade your project, please contact your account administrator.
  • Batch-answerable checklists or tests must meet the following criteria:
    • Created after 9/24/2019
    • Created from the same template
    • Has not been structurally modified. This includes: no edits to line text, no lines added or removed, and no lines reordered.
  • You’ll know whether or not these three conditions pass because the “Answer” button will enable/disable accordingly.

After enabling the “Batch Answerable” sort, why do certain records appear under the “Not Batch Answerable” sort header?

  • These are records that don’t pass one or more of the criteria listed above. They will be grouped under the “Not Batch Answerable” sort header.
  • If you don’t see the “Answer” button at all, it's possible you are working with an un-upgraded project or you lack the correct permissions for answering checklists and tests. Please contact your account administrator to discuss upgrading your project and permissions.



  • Sub-row answering: Anyone with “Respond” permissions for tests/checklist can answer sub-rows. They cannot answer top rows.
  • Top-row answering: Anyone with “Manage” permissions for checklists/tests can answer top-rows.
  • For each Checklists and Tests - admin can give permissions for checklists but not for tests or vice-versa.


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