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What is FM?

CxAlloy Facility Maintenance (FM) is web-based work order management software. It allows facility personnel to manage all of their corrective, preventive, and requested maintenance work.

  • Scheduled maintenance via completely customizable maintenance procedures and schedules
  • Corrective maintenance via ad-hoc, on-demand work order creation
  • Requested maintenance from building occupants via email or online request form

CxAlloy FM connects work orders to equipment and other assets and allows for reporting on maintenance work across many dimensions, from detailed equipment-specific reports, to system or even facility-level summaries.


How do I copy my project data from TQ to FM?

CxAlloy TQ now has the ability to transfer a project's asset data directly into CxAlloy FM. To do so, navigate to the account-level Projects list. For each project listed you'll see an "FM" button on the far right. Click the button and options for copying the project into CxAlloy FM will be shown.

You must be an account administrator in CxAlloy TQ to copy a project's asset data into CxAlloy FM.

While CxAlloy TQ has "Projects", CxAlloy FM has "Facilities". When you copy a project's asset data into CxAlloy FM it will always create a new facility and create the asset data in that new facility. The facility will be named the same as the project you copied from.

Just like a project in CxAlloy TQ belongs to an account, a facility in CxAlloy FM belongs to an account. Usually when you copy a project into CxAlloy FM you will also create a new account for it as well. However, if you already belong to one or more accounts in CxAlloy FM, you can choose to create the new facility in one of your existing accounts.

In order to copy a project into an existing CxAlloy FM account, you must be an administrator on that CxAlloy FM account.

If you create a new account as part of copying the project into CxAlloy FM, you can name the account however you'd like. Often you'll want to make this the name of the organization that owns the facility.


How do I login to CxAlloy FM after copying a project?

When you copy a project into CxAlloy FM, the system will check whether you already have a login for CxAlloy FM. If you have a login already, you will continue to use your existing login information. If you don't have a login, it will create one for you. In that case your login information will be the same as you use for CxAlloy TQ.

In order to do this, CxAlloy TQ sends a hashed version of your password to CxAlloy FM. Only this hash is transferred and stored. CxAlloy TQ and FM hash passwords using the bcrypt algorithm with a cost of 10 and always include a salt.

Beyond this initial copying, your CxAlloy TQ and CxAlloy FM logins are separate. If you later update your CxAlloy FM password that change will only apply to CxAlloy FM, and the same for CxAlloy TQ.


How do I transfer the CxAlloy FM account to someone else?

Often when copying a CxAlloy TQ project's data into CxAlloy FM you will be doing it on behalf of a client that will eventually take over managing the CxAlloy FM account. At that point you will want to transfer the account administration to someone else.

CxAlloy FM does not have the concept of an account "owner". Instead, the account is considered to be owned by all the administrators. Therefore, in order to transfer the account you simply add someone else as an account administrator and remove yourself.

CxAlloy FM requires at least one account administrator at all times. Therefore, you will not be able to remove yourself from the account (or downgrade your access) until you add at least one other account administrator.


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