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The project test and checklist templates are managed on their respective project pages. The template sections have a header at the top, a list sidebar on the left, and a detail view on the right.

Header - includes dropdown buttons for creating new templates and folders, and for copying templates from the account level or directly from other projects in the same account.

List - select/deselect all buttons are located to the top left above the searchbar, with the filtered results listed below. Clicking the name of a folder or template opens it; clicking the checkbox to the left selects the item for batch actions.

  • Folder actions - while inside of a folder, the list will also include a back button and an actions dropdown to move, rename, or delete the folder.

Detail - the template detail view includes an action bar, and subsections for lines, signatures, tests/checklists, and history.

  • Action bar - includes push changes, export, email and pdf buttons, and an actions dropdown to copy the template to the account or locally duplicate, move, rename, or delete the item.

  • Push changes - template line changes can be selectively pushed to groups based on their version timestamp; a summary of the resulting changes is previewed on the right.

  • Lines - includes the template's lines, buttons for line selection on the top left, and the Template Builder and Import buttons to the top right. The function and appearance of a line depends on its type. The line types are header, standard question, information, single value, multiple value, file, text input, signature, and attribute.

  • Tests/Checklists - a list of items created from the template, including their name, status, version timestamp, and push status eligibility.

  • History - a dedicated activity log for all edits related to this item.

  • Batch actions - when items are selected, the detail view is replaced with the batch action bar and a list of the selected items; batch actions include move, delete, and PDF.


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