Checklist Groups

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Sorted Groups

When possible, the Checklists Page will group items based on the selected sort. Groups are presented with a summary header that includes an Open Group button, a line progress bar, and an issue status bar.


Filtered Groups

When filtering the Checklists Page, an Open Group button for the full filtered list is added to the section header. Filtered group pages are only available for lists with 100 or fewer results.


Detail Overview

Pressing the Open Group button will navigate to that group's detail page, which includes a group header and subsections for checklists, issues, and files.



The header shows basic group information, and email, PDF, and return to list buttons.

  • Email - forward a link to the current page via email.
  • PDF - generate a PDF report of the group; press the gear icon to modify PDF settings.
  • Return to List - return the grouped list.



The checklists subsection includes the lines for all of the checklists in the group. Lines have full response functionality on group pages, but they cannot be structurally edited. Individual checklists are displayed with a subheader showing their number, name, status, line progress, and buttons for changing the status and assignment.

Group pages also allow line filtering on the full group. Line filter options include line type, response status, and the presence of issues or files.



A list of all issues created from checklists in the group, including those made from lines; supports sorting.



A list of all files uploaded to the item, including those uploaded directly to lines.


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