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List Overview

The Milestones list can be found in the project navbar. The section header includes the total number of milestones on the left, and an Add New button on the right for creating milestone collections and milestone groups.

Milestone collections are listed with their name, total milestones, percent progress, target due date, and member count. Buttons for sorting, selecting, and expanding all items are located beneath the section header and above the list. Groups contain collections, and collections contain individual milestones. Click a collection's name to open its detail view.


Add Milestone Collection

Milestone creation consists of three steps: Select Items, Create Milestones, and Review

Select Items

Select a section for the milestone collection to track, then apply filters or select individual items as needed. The list of matching items is displayed on the bottom. 

Create Milestones

Create milestones for the current collection; individual milestones have a name, description, due date, highlight color, and an option for allowing manual completion. Milestones also consist of rules, which define their completion requirements. Press the + button to add a new rule for the current milestone.

After adding a rule, pick a field or related item to track. Options may vary based on initial selection.

If a field is selected, a second dropdown is shown with applicable comparison values.

If a related item is selected, a filters button appears to the right, and a sub-rule appears underneath.

Use the trash can to delete a rule; "-" and "+" buttons are used for removing and adding new sub rules. After defining the milestone rules, users can proceed to the Review step or continue adding milestones to the current collection.


Review the collection information prior to saving. The collection's name, description, due date, and parent groups are shown at the top, with summaries of each milestone listed below. Use the pencil and trash can buttons to the right of a milestone to edit or delete it, respectively.


Add Milestone Group

Milestone groups have a name, start and due dates, a description, and a highlight color. Press the Add Existing Collections button to include existing collections in the new group.


Detail Overview

The milestone's detail view includes a header, a dashboard summary, and subsections for comments, milestones, and the item grid.

Detail Header

The header includes the collection name on the left, action buttons on the right, and navigation buttons for returning to the list or jumping between collections. 


The dashboard displays the collection's basic information, including its section, its description, a graph of milestone completion, a progress bar, and related dates. Milestone progress is calculated daily; press the Refresh Now button to update statistics immediately.

Graphs only use one plot point per day, even if progress is manually refreshed.

Clicking the arrow next to the section displays selected filters. Pressing the Open Items List button navigates to that section's list page with the relevant filters applied.

The graph shows completion for individual milestones or the overall collection across the selected date range; includes options for stacking or overlaying rules.



Milestone collections have subsections for Comments, Milestones, and the Item Grid.


Dedicated subsection for text only comments.


Lists the individual milestones within the collection, with select and deselect all buttons to the left and a button to add new milestones on the right. Selecting milestones will bring up the batch action bar; available batch actions are Edit and Delete.

Item Grid

A grid view of the items included in the collection, with sorting and paging buttons along the top. Clicking the item name navigates to that item's detail page. If enabled in a milestone's settings, incomplete milestones may include a mark complete button.


Milestones Subsections

The detail view for applicable sections now includes a milestones subsection to track completion. Supports manual completion via batch action.


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