Issue View

Return Button — This button returns to the previous page when viewing an issue from another item.
Issue Name — This area displays the name of the selected issue.
Edit Issue — Press this button to open the Edit Issue menu. See  Edit Issue for more details.
I ssue Information — This area displays information about the currently selected issue, including Status, Description, Discipline, Asset, Priority, Assigned To, Due Date, Drawing, Created By, and the date the issue was Identified On. Pressing the Edit Issue button will allow you to make changes to this information.
Source — This line shows the source of the issue. Select this line to view the source in detail.
Comments — This line shows the issue's comments. Select this line to view these comments in detail.
Files — This line shows the issue's attached files. Select this line to view these file in detail.
Add Photo Button — Press this button to add a photo to this issue. See  Upload a File for more details.
Assign To Button — Press this button to choose a person, role, or company to assign this issue to.
Change Status Button — Press this button to change the status of this issue.

NOTE Depending on your permissions, some of these options may not be available. 

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