After logging in, users are redirected to the homepage, which includes the site navbar, a recent activity feed, and a list of the user's active accounts and projects.

Site Navbar

The site navbar is located at the top of every page in CxAlloy; from left to right, it consists of the homepage logo, a project list dropdown, a profile dropdown, and a help & support dropdown.

  • Homepage logo - the logo to the top left is also a button that redirects to the home page.
  • Project list dropdown - this dropdown shows the list of active accounts and projects to which a user has been added; account admins will have a Manage button that navigates to the account's project list.
  • Profile dropdown - this dropdown includes a link to the user's Profile page and a Logout button.
  • Help & support dropdown - this dropdown includes links to our support article repository, an email shortcut to support@cxalloy.com, our feature request forum, and our status page.


Recent Activity

  • Recent Activity Feed - shows activity on watched and assigned items for the selected date range.

  • Project list - shows the list of active accounts and projects to which a user has been added. For account admins, an Add Project button will appear underneath that account, and the account name will appear in blue and can be clicked to navigate to the account's project list.


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