Meetings Overview

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Meetings Overview

The Meetings section allows users to create and manage meetings, complete with an agenda, minutes, distribution, and attendance. Meetings can also be a source for new issues and tasks, which can be added directly to a meeting or to its agenda or minutes.


Accessing Meetings

To access the meetings section, click Reports from the main menu of a project, then click Meetings in the dropdown.


Meetings List

In the Meetings section, the list of meetings is located in the left sidebar. Click on a meeting in the list to display it in the content area on the right.

Type a search query and press enter. A Clear button appears when a search is active. Press Clear to reset the search and show all meetings again.

Filtering the List

Below the search field are three tabs: All, Upcoming, and Past. Use the tabs to refine your list of meetings.

Back to List

Click on a meeting and it is shown at the top of the left sidebar above its components list. To return to the full list of meetings, click Back to List above the meeting title and below the blue bar.


Creating a Meeting

To create a meeting, use the Add New button in the blue meetings header.

Add a new meeting from the top right of the meeting sidebar.

Click Add New in the blue page header.
Fill in the Add Meeting form.
Choose a phase: design or construction.
Click Add.
NOTE Issues created in a design phase meeting will appear in the design phase issues log, while issues created in a construction phase meeting will appear in the construction phase issues log.

Fill out basic details of your meeting when you create it.


Viewing a Meeting

To view a meeting, select a meeting from the list. The meeting opens to the Overview component. The meeting menu in the left sidebar allows you to navigate between components.

The following sections are included in the content area of each component:

  • The name of component you are currently viewing at the top left.
  • The actions you can perform on the meeting component at the top right.
  • The number of recipients in the distribution list and the number of attendees at the meeting.
  • A summarized outline of the Agenda and Minutes components.


Editing a Meeting

Use the Edit button on the actions menu to update the name, phase, date, or time of a meeting.

Go to the Overview of the meeting.
Click the Edit button in the actions menu.
Make your changes and click Save.
NOTE While the name, date, and time of a meeting can be changed, you cannot change the phase of a meeting.


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